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Our Vision

We, Trummer Personalservice, are THE source for personnel with proven reliability. We offer qualified employees who can provide sustainable partnerships. Thereby we guarantee customer proximity, service and flexibility in the event of personnel shortages and for enhancing the effectiveness of our customers. Our system offering responsible as well as caring employee support yields long-term employment in a modern, future-oriented company.

Our values

In order to enhance the competitiveness of our company, we consider it important to appreciate and comply with the terms of the agreement. Our personnel and customer service representatives function as active intermediaries, organizers, and coordinators between employees and customers. Our ability to sustain the communication flow and our solution-oriented approach ensure an optimal environment for collaborations that support the interests of customers and employees. We value an on-time, correct fulfilment of the legal and regulatory conditions. We ensure the efficiency and appropriateness of our services by calibrating our services as well as we can to the specific situation and to the expectation of our customers.

Our Mission

An effective, dynamic and viable management system allows us to check and improve our own performance. Compliance and realization of these common goals and principles significantly strengthen the meaning of our entrepreneurial undertaking.